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You can find literally dozens of questionnaires and tests that purport to measure your personality, leadership style, interpersonal skills, or attitudes. But there is only one that measures how you think, and that is the InQ -- the Inquiry Mode Questionnaire.

Your thinking style -- how you gather and process information, how you use that information to make and act on decisions, even what kind of information you gravitate towards -- influences every action. It is the basic mental model that you use to explain the world, yourself, and others. If you understand thinking styles -- your own and others -- you can then understand how to make the most of your interactions.

For that reason, the InQ and its related learning materials are ideally suited for a wide variety of performance-improvement activities.

Understanding how people think is essential, especially for developing activities that improve leadership, team building, negotiation skills, conflict management, problem solving, planning, communications, sales, and decision making.

Please take a few moments to review our website, which offers the InQ in a variety of interpretations, applications, and training resources. We are confident you will find materials that are best suited to your needs, that will be valuable in your professional development, and that will help you build more effective teams and improve organizational performance.

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