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Looking for an original present for family, friends & colleagues? Buy cryptocurrency and give them a custom a Certificate of Investment. The perfect gift for Xmas!

Certificate of Investment in cryptocurrency. The perfect present for family & friends
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    Fill a form

    Fill out our short form with the recipient's information.

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    Press a button

    Press "Generate" to produce your custom Certificate of Investment.

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    Download a file

    Et voilà... your Certificate is ready to be downloaded in PDF format.

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    Make someone happy

    Print your Certificate or send it via email to the lucky person who'll receive it as a present.

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Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum...Investing in cryptocurrency

Investments in cryptocurrency are risky and volatile, yet they can generate great profits. In 2017, for instance, Bitcoins increased over 2000% in value! A fun & original way to share your excitment for cryptocurrency is donating some to family & friends for special occasions (as if they were "lottery tickets"). What better way to surprise them than a personalized Certificate of Investment?


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With over a thousands of milliseconds of experience, our Bots masterfully craft each one of the digital certificates, just for you. We use the best digital paper and ink to achieve the highest quality results.

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[Optional] The recipient's wallet private key / passphrase
[Optional] The wallet web address

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CryCert?

    CryCert (pronounced cree-cert) is a free service that generates Certificates of Investment in cryptocurrency (similar to "diplomas") in PDF format. A nice and original present for friends & family. Our cerfiticates look great when printed!

  • Are the Certificates "real"?

    Our certificates carry no monetary value per se and must be used as simple greeting cards that you can print or send via e-mail. At CryCert, we do not generate wallets nor do we allow transactions in cryptocurrency: this is completely up to you using third party services of your choice.

  • Is CryCert safe?

    The information you'll provide is confidential and it will be used with the only goal of generating a PDF certificate for you. For security reasons, we strongly recommend to not provide a private key / passphrase for your wallet (print / send it separately). Without a private key, there is no easy way to gain access to your wallet.

  • How do I create a wallet and purchase cryptocurrency?

    You can use the exchange service of your choice. We recommend Coinbase, one of the most popular and safe exchange services.



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