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Cebu Mactan Power Boaters
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There are very few good people in the real sense of the WORD people who are not seeking something, who are not after something. Those who are seeking something or are after something are EXPLOITERS therefore it is very difficult for any one to find a COMPANION to LOVE.
Written by:
Atty. Diomes T. Cane
- Colossians 2:12
and we have risen to newlife in him, because we believed in the power of God who raised him from the dead. Amen!!
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Cebu Beach
Cebu is sometimes called the Queen City of the South. Historic Cebu was where the Portugese Captain Ferdinand Magellan planted the Cross of Christianity in 1521. Arguably the country's diving center, scuba divers find Moalboal, Sogod, Pescador, Santa Rosa Islands and Boyong Boyong in Mactan as prime dive spots. World-class resorts fringe the islands, serving both divers and plain tourists alike.
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Magellans Cross
The cross that we see at the kiosk is but a replica of the wooden cross Ferdinand Magellan and his men planted in Cebu on 14 April 1521 to mark the beginning of the Christianization of the island. The original was destroyed when Cebuanos turned against the Spaniards 17 days later. There is no record as to when the present cross was erected though there are allusions that this was done around 1565.
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: : L O C U T I O N S : :
Money is like water, block its flow and it will stagnate.

Those who neglect the new will remain at the back of the line; those who wait for luck to make things happen will be disappointed.

Unlike others, we are not content to settle for what was accomplished in the past, because life doesn't stop and it doesn't care about those who stop because they are content with what they have achieved.

We are very realistic, despite our big dreams, and we work hard to be the best, relying on God and our citizens.

We have succeeded because we have always believed that tomorrow is a new day, that yesterday's achievements are in the past and that history will record what we achieve in the future, not what we have achieved in the past.

The present and future generations of our country are the top priority of all development plans. There are several elements of creativity.

It is important to cultivate these elements and even more important to put them into practice. This creates distinctive leadership.

We have to make history and approach the future with steady steps, not wait for the future to come to us.

Quality is not merely end. It has become a way of life.

A mother remains a mother, in her sensitivity, emotions and love for her children, regardless of conditions, environment and age.

Toil and production are two distinguishing characteristics of a creative man.

A mother is a man’s first school, in which he learns morals, ethics and manners. She follows her child through all the stages of his life.

Stagnation means regression, therefore you should strive to develop. If you cannot, you should give up your place to others.

If the cart is politics and the horse is the economy then we have to put the horse before the cart and not the other way around.

The best measure of a government's success is the satisfaction of those who deal with it. A job in the government is not just a way of making a living; it is a means of contributing to your country.

We want to get rid of the idea that you can either work, make mistakes and be punished or not work, make no mistakes and therefore not be punished.

The word 'impossible' is not in leaders' dictionaries. No matter how big the challenges, strong faith, determination and resolve will overcome them.

To hold others responsible for failure is a way of escaping one's own responsibility. Responsibility is a heavy burden and a great honour at the same time. Whoever shoulders responsibility must be worthy of it.

The first duty of an official is to make his people happy and provide them with security, stability, welfare and progress.

We believe that the role of the government should be restricted to legislation and regulation, in addition to the continuous development of the infrastructure - thus making the private sector the engine of the development process.

We live in a world where the boundaries between countries no longer exist and where there is no substitute for confident nations that are determined to take a leading role, to continue to make progress and to participate in world affairs.

There is no quicker path to comprehensive development than cooperation in the fields of IT and communication.

The greatest influence was my father, from him I learnt to be patient and to deliberate before passing judgment.

True joy is that which comes from progress and success.

I want everyone in this country to benefit and to be of benefit at the same time. For a dialogue to be fruitful, there must be mutual respect for each other’s humanity, culture and rights. A dialogue is not true if it does not lead to an understanding of one another.

No one can do away with pre-conceived notions and mistaken beliefs, but we can prevent them from nesting in people’s minds.

Waiting has never been our choice in the past, nor is it in the present. We are always striving, anticipating the future and preparing for it.

When a man knows the way to the future, he should take the reins and advance, for this is our duty towards our people and our nation.

Neither technology nor money can bring prosperity, only man can.

The successful team is the one that makes 1 plus 1 equal 11.

People naturally like comfort and relaxation, but it is more satisfying to work hard and enjoy your achievements.

We all have great potential and, if given the right opportunity, we can use it in the best way. Allah has blessed us with mental ability of which we use only a small percentage. We should search for the power within ourselves.

We must face the future and unite with it.

We have to face facts; advanced industrialised countries must accept the majority of responsibility for cleaning up the environment because their plants are emitting most of the pollutants. They are not doing enough some developed countries do not want to take responsibility under the pretext that it would undermine the progress of their economy, and affect the welfare of their society. This is both unfair and selfish.

We accept criticism because it leads us to the right path. All humans err. A successful man, in my opinion, may err twice, but he will succeed eight times.

Unless I am one hundred percent sure about an idea, I will not implement it. Once I am convinced, I do not hesitate, even if others are sceptical of its chances of success.

I don’t like those who agree with me on everything. He who always compliments you does not respect you, but he who comes to you with advice and tells you, That’s wrong, loves and respects you, or why would he do it If someone criticizes me, I respect them, because it means they care about me and about my country.

Every man should have a vision and objectives and set himself a certain time in which to achieve them.

I say that freedom is a gift of trust and responsibility.

During the 20th century, we have seen the world divided, at one time, between advanced countries and developing countries, and, at another time, between the rich countries of the North and the poor countries of the South. It appears that the 21st century divide will be between communities with access to information and those without.

It does not matter what your title is, it's about what you do. One should not look at titles, but rather at achievements.

The biggest and most memorable event is that which has not yet occurred.

Everything in this life is beautiful. We as humans miss that sometimes.

Honesty is the road to success. He who lies only believes himself.

Ideas and facts communicated well become information and knowledge. And knowledge, as we all know, is power.

I believe that if the vision is clear then objectives can be achieved easily.

To dream of the future is one of the most beautiful things in life. We are not content only to dream, we also work hard, because our ambitions are great and so are our dreams.

Horse riding is more than merely sitting on a horse's back. It is nobility and chivalry.

I don't punish those who work and make mistakes, quite the opposite, I support them and encourage them to be more creative, even if they make more mistakes.

The path of excellence and distinction does not stop at a certain stage - on the contrary, we consider any success we achieve as an additional incentive to achieve greater success.

The most successful leader is the one most capable of motivating his people, encouraging them to strive harder and be more creative, to distinguish themselves.

A leader does not necessarily need to be the most intelligent member of his group rather he is the one with the clearest and most far-reaching vision.

A leader must set out a clear vision, which he must trust absolutely. If he loses that trust, he will begin to hesitate and falter. We don’t get into our cars and set out onto the road without knowing our destination We have to know where we really want to go.

Truly, the most powerful thing in the world is the right decision, made at the right time.

A leader does not seek praise or acknowledgement as a leader, he knows himself. A leader guides people on and does not retreat.

It is vitally important that people be loyal to their leaders, but it is even more important that a leader be loyal to his people. A leader and his people share a bond of faith in each other, which, if broken, is extremely difficult to fix.

The 6th of August is a great day in the history of our people. On this day all our dreams were realised: freedom, progress and openness. We passed from darkness into light, from ignorance into knowledge. Sheikh Zayed became Ruler of Abu Dhabi on August 6, 1966

Dubai's varied economic activities depend on a policy to decrease dependence on oil as the sole source of income. We promote the development of the trade sector, agricultural reform, national industry and national and international investment.

Before evaluating the future, we have to take a quick look at the past, for it is the foundation of tomorrow.

His Highness Sheikh Zayed started his project alone by installing an awareness in the people of the Emirates of the joint destiny of their small homeland and their larger home extending from the ocean to the Gulf.

A nation cannot have a civilised heritage unless it is blessed by Allah with loyal and honest leaders, who can steer the ship of history and civilisation to safe shores, with optimism whether the days are sunny or rainy.

Military service embodies honour, dignity and manhood. A man’s dignity springs from the dignity of his homeland. Always be with Allah, the Almighty, for He says in the Holy Qur’an, ‘Knowest thou not that to Allah belong the dominion of the heavens and the earth? And that besides Him you have neither patron nor helper.

Our principles are based on not interfering in the affairs of others, support for world peace and giving aid to poorer nations, so that peace and prosperity will prevail.

Teamwork is required to achieve the ambitions of the Gulf nations and to provide prosperity and stability so that they can devote their time and effort to social and economic development and to avoiding the spectre of war, which always results in the destruction of humanity.

We in the GCC have always looked forward to seeing the Gulf as an oasis of peace and security, as we regard stability and security as the axis of our national and foreign polices, individually and jointly, regionally and internationally The GCC works to ensure peace, stability and security throughout the region.

The leaders of the GCC have planned the way to sail the ship of their countries to safer shores, showing great confidence and a determination to overcome any obstacles which may impede their voyage the fierce waves of change will not capsize their ship so long as its captain sails with a strong will and true direction.

Any country which isolates itself will never learn or benefit, and this applies to individuals as well. We have learnt a lot. However, knowledge alone is not enough We have a vision, which we exert all efforts to realise, of Dubai as a major trade centre for the East and the West and we believe that Dubai is well qualified to play this great role.

A homeland is a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, a son and a daughter. It is honour, dignity and glory; it is life. Therefore, homeland is a sacred word, never forgotten, and without equal in the dictionary of our lives.

We believe that our youth are the backbone of the nation and the foundation on which to develop this noble civilisation, unaffected by the wind of change, no matter how hard it blows.

Our unity did not benefit only a certain category of people or a particular area, nor was it restricted to a certain aspect of life. Its benefits reached all people, wherever they were, whether urban, rural or bedu, and affected all aspects of life.

No-one can deny the achievements of our country and its citizens under the umbrella of its union. Our achievements at national, pan-arab and international levels have surpassed all expectations.

Our country’s foreign policy focuses on providing aid to the oppressed, who are denied their rights. It supports human rights and promotes peace and justice in all parts of the globe, endorsing the principle of providing security and food to all people.

Our country occupies a prestigious position in the international arena. It enjoys good relations with all countries on the basis of mutual respect and our policy of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. We believe in the importance of perpetuating peace and security in the world and spreading peace and love amongst all nations.

The development of man is the foundation on which a nation is built. This building cannot be considered complete without first developing the citizens, who are regarded as human wealth, constantly giving.

It took Europe hundreds of years to arrive at some kind of unity, and it is still not as they wanted. We in the GCC achieved it in 5 years That does not mean we have to stop there, we need to exert further efforts to achieve more for our one people.

: : I N E V I T A B L E : :
What they said: I still want to be friends..
What they meant: You will never hear from me again..
What they said: i've been doing a lot of thinking..
What they meant: i'm not attracted to you anymore..
What they said:
I hope we can still be friends
What they meant:
I want to fuck other guys, but when they screw me over I want to be able to call you and complain about them.
What they said: I love you! I want to be with you even though we're 500 miles apart!
What they meant:
I want you to be obsessed with me that way you can't love someone else while we're apart.
What they said: i need time to work on me, to get my shit together so that in the future I can provide for my family.
What they meant:
Now that you are broke and arent working anymore, I no longer have a use for you. I got an awesome job here and even tho I promised I would come back for you, I am finding that I am enjoying once again not having any responsibilies and being a twat.
What they said:
i truly believe we arent together right now because we were just in totally different places in our lives.
What they meant:
We're not togeather right now because im dating someone new who has a lot of mental problems so she reeeaaalllyyy NEEDS me and will never break up with me no matter what i do. and thats what i need because i am an alcoholic asshole.
What they said: I want to remain friends..
What they meant:
I'm just saying that to ease my guilt for throwing you to the curb especially after you have always been there for me. And you will die before I will dial your phone number.
What they said:
I'm not ready for a serious relationship, You and I don't see eye to eye..
What they meant:
You're not good enough for me as a person and in bed. I faked all my orgasms so I'm gonna have some fun and screw guys from the navy.
What they said:
I'm not ready for to get married, i just don't love you in that way. I can't see myself marrying anybody else but you, but i don't really know if i want to marry you.
What they meant:
I'm going to keep playing mind games with you, so that you won't take me to court for child support. I've been sleeping with a woman who gives blow jobs and rides my massive thing like you wouldn't believe. So their is absolutely no love in my heart for you, which means i've been playing you for years.
What they said:
I'm sorry all I really wanted to do was to be with my child for good, so I tried to make it work with us?
What they meant:
Truthfully I just strung your ass around for the past 6 months so that I can get you to knock down child support payments and also convince you not to make me get a visitation order so I can see my child anytime I want.
What they said:
My friends and family told me that I wasn't being fair to you. They said I should let you do your own thing.
What they meant:
For years I havent listened to a word of advice from people I care about in regards to us (if I ever asked for it)...why would I start now? I really have found a more pleasing option and feel as though juggling two at a time would hinder my drinking and other social obligations. I care for you and have for years but frankly, I have lots of land to cover before all my hair falls out and these girls start to see the real me.
What they said:
You dont know how hard this is for me
What they meant:
I am an insensitive jerk. I only care about myself. I want you to feel sorry for me. After all I am the one who broke up with you.
What they said:
You're right, and I'm going to work on getting myself back on track. I fucked up - I won't be good enough for anyone until I get myself right. I'm not having sex until I get married and I'm going to focus, focus, focus. You've taught me so much!
What they meant:
Yeeeeaaaaah, I'm just set you on the back burner for now and whisper enough sweet nothings to keep you begging for me - these other chicks are a lot of fun right now, but when I feel "focused" and alone, I'll call you. Maybe we can be together then .. or not .. lemme think about it .. .why do I have to make all the decisions?!
What they said:
You cant make me happy
What they meant:
Thanks for everything you have done for me and all the gifts and being there for me whenever I needed you and all the thoughful things you did .. but I really cant be bothered to make this work because I am a selfish, spoilt bitch who wouldnt know a good thing even if it came up and slapped me round the face and I dont care about anyone but myself .. byeeeeeeee!!
What they said:
We aren't together anymore! I didn't want to hurt you; I love you, but WE AREN'T TOGETHER
What they meant:
We aren't together now, but when I realize how stupid I have been, I will want you back, andI hope that saying, "I love you," will be enough to reel you back in. I know that I will probably regret this, but I am also so vain that I really believe that you will come back to me .. right?!
What they said:
We're just on different levels and I'll never be able to make you happy. You're too strong for me - my friends and family say the same thing
What they meant:
Bottom line: I'm an immature idiot who can't think for myself because my mommy still cuts the crusts off of my grilled cheese. When my crazy, overbearing, bossy mother is not meddling in my life, my immature buddies step up to the plate and tell me what to do. I am threatened by your independent womanhood - or at least I should be, according to my sports-obsessed, juvenile friends who lack any depth in their own shallow, undeveloped relationships. I could try to improve my own weaknesses, but mommy says I'm perfect and I shouldn't ever have to work at anything because I don't need to be responsible
What they said:
I love you with all my heart. I didn't want to do this, you made me. I had to teach you a lesson.
What they meant:
I get pleasure out of making you cry. Everything that ever came out my mouth was a lie. And when I said I was leaving to be single just meant I wanted to fuck every girl that would give me the time of day.
What they said:
I love you but don't want to be with you .. But want to live with you (in the downstairs room) .. You act like my sister and your immature but I still love you..
What they meant:
I know that your still attracted to me and I know that if I live downstairs there might be an oppotunity that you'll come down and get into bed with me .. Acting like my sister - you constantly nag like she does I still love you.. I have a plan.. I want to keep you tied down and at my beakoned call.. In case I can't find anyone better than you.
What they said:
I've been testing you for the last couple of days, someone told me you weren't genuine.. You've been treating me like a piece of meat! You don't love me, you're in lust with me..
What they meant:
I wanted a serious relationship, all you wanted was sex .. I don't think you're mature enough .. I'm still attracted to you .. I hope I'll see you again really soon .. Call me if you need to talk..
What they said:
He is so much like you and that's why I love him.
What they meant:
He looks like you, acts like you. I loved you more than i love him but you make $36,000 a year to his $89,000 a year so Bye!
What they said:
I am dating someone else .. but I do not feel anything for her yet, she's only a friend, we haven't even slept together.
What they meant:
I am dating someone else and I'm madly in love with her, our sex is great and we are engaged, she's the one who has to take care of me right now.
What they said:
I am sorry but I dont love you anymore. You are a fantastic person. It is just we are very different. (2 minutes before he leaves) .. Perhaps inthe future, perhaps in the future we can try again.
What they meant:
You are not good enough for me, you are nice but I am bored with you. However, just in case I get screwed by my next lover or cannot find anybody else, I would like to keep my options open.
.What they said:
I can't give you what you want, we both want different things.
What they meant:
Even though I told you I loved you desperately and wanted to marry you and you have our children, I cannot do it and am very afraid of commitment. I told you the above things as I am too frightened to admit to myself I have commitment issues
What they said:
I don't think I'm over my ex yet
What they meant:
I haven't worked out a way to get my psychotic ex out of my life yet" She started piling on the emotional blackmail and acting "desperate" as soon as I was happy with you and because I'm such a nice guy (a wimp) I can't find a way to tell her to leave me alone. So I just want to be on my own and bury my head in the sand"
What they said:
You show some personality traits that scare me. I don't know if I can spend the rest of my life with you. I still love you VERY much, I don't wantto hurt you
What they meant:
I am cheating on you with a cowboy from another state I met at a bar while you were at work making money to put me through college. I am going to get you out of my hair for the next couple days because having you around makes it so hard not to get caught cheating on you. In four days ill call you back up and tell you how I made a mistake and want you back, until another object of lust comes along. I still love you though. Really... I do. Seriously.
What they said:
I can't see you anymore because there's someone else i'm interested in and i want to move foward with her.
What they meant:
I'm a massive tool and i won't even bother to sugar coat this. i'm just not that into you.
What they said:
I do love you, holding you and I love our times together. I know I have been treating you very badly. You deserve to be treated better, and I should treat you deserve better, but I don't know why I cannot bring myself to treat you better
What they meant:
I am keeping you around to feed my sexual urges. My CP is getting worst and I want out of this relationship, but I am a cowardly "nice guyimage" and I figure if I treat you like shit .. then eventually, you will leave and no guilt on my part.
What they said:
I don;t know what I want. I want a break...I don't want to break up
What they meant:
I am lonely without you, but I don't want to be with you right now. Im a selfish dumbass who wants to see whats going on with these other ladies that have been calling me, but I want you to wait for me. Just sit there quietly while I explore my options then decide that I do want to be with you. I don't want to totally break up, bc then you might move on without me and not be there when I want you back.

>> MY RESPONSE: No .. we're broken up. I'm not gonna talk to you or be your friend. Goodbye!
What they said:
I don't know what I want, everything is up in the air now! I don't even know what my future is.
What they meant:
I don't want you to go away but I don't want you to be too close to me. Of course I want to have my cake and eat it too. I m going to fuck others, in the meantimes, whenever I fucked up, I can go back to you.
What they said:
I don't like where this relationship is. I want to date new people and be with you. I hope we can stil be friends.
What they meant:
I can't commit because I'm a coward.
I want to sleep with other people and you.
I want to cry on your shoulder, but without having to reciprocate.
What they said:
I dont love you anymore. I just want to be friends.
What they meant:
I am a childish asshole that is terrified of commitment.
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The Burj Dubai has been designed to be the centerpiece of a large-scale use development that will include 30,000 homes, nine hotels such as the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel & Serviced Apartments, at least 19 residential towers, the Dubai Mall, and the 0.12 km² (0.05 sq mi) man-made Burj Dubai Lake. The silvery glass-sheathed concrete building will give the title of Earth's tallest free-standing structure.
Burj Dubai
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Designed to resemble a billowing sail, the hotel soars to a height of 321 metres, dominating the Dubai coastline. Whilts At night, it extremely offers an unforgettable sight, surrounded by choreographed colour sculptures of water and fire. This all-suite hotel reflects the finest that the world has to offer. With your chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, discreet in-suite check in, private reception desk on every floor.
Burj Al Arab
This safari is done in the morning and is perfect for clients who don't have the evening available or are more interested in the dubai dashing and adventure then having dinner and relaxing at the camps. Our car will pick you up in the morning around 9am and will take you straight to the desert where you can enjoy 20 minutes of our awesome dunes bashing and then it takes you to the camp.
Desert Safari
The Jumeirah Mosque is a dominant landmark of Dubai. Built in the medieval Fatimid tradition, this stone structure is a tribute to modern Islamic architecture. While strolling through the Mosque at sunset, you will be washed in shadows by this elegant formation. The Jumeirah Mosque is built in the medieval Fatimid tradition combined with modern building materials.
Jumeirah Mosque
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Viruses Explained
With 10 to 15 new viruses discovered per day, information about them could save you a lot of time, money, and hassle. Here's all you need to know.
Antivirus firm McAfee claims there are more than 58,000 virus threats currently in existence, and antivirus company Symantec estimates that 10 to 15 new viruses are discovered each day. So what is a virus, and how can you avoid becoming infected by one? Find out below from "CyberCrime's" virus overview.

•   What is a virus?

A virus is any computer program that can "self-replicate" or make copies of itself and spread itself from one machine to another without the help of the user.

Viruses are often programmed to carry out other actions separate from replication. These actions, or payloads, vary from the annoying (altering a computer's homepage) to the damaging (deleting files). Because viruses are computer programs, they can do anything a normal program can do, including deleting files, formatting hard drives, and overwriting the BIOS. But though many viruses do carry such payloads, a program does not need to have a payload in order to be considered a virus. Some viruses do nothing.

•   How do viruses spread?

Viruses can be spread via floppy disks or CDs, email attachments, or in material downloaded from the Web, although the majority of viruses that are currently a threat are spread by email. These viruses are usually hidden inside of attachments emailed to computer users, and the emails are usually labeled with intriguing subject lines -- "I Love You" or "Anna Kournikova Naked" -- designed to tempt users into opening them. When the attachment is opened, the virus is activated, and the user's computer becomes infected.

Often, viruses are programmed to spread themselves by emailing a copy of the attachment in which they're hidden to all the other email addresses in an infected computer's address book. So once your computer is infected, all your friends and contacts are at risk as well.

•   How do I avoid getting a virus?

The best way to avoid getting a computer virus is to never open attachments. Since most viruses are spread via email attachments, refusing to open such attachments will keep you from getting many viruses.

If you must open an attachment, contact the person who sent you the attachment to make sure they sent it. Because viruses often spread themselves via an infected computer's address book, emails from people you know aren't automatically safe.

Also, check the type of attachment before opening it. Attachments that end with the .vbs extension (Visual Basic script) or the .exe extension (program files) pose a real danger and are often how viruses are spread.

Finally, make sure to install and update antivirus software. Companies such as Norton, Symantec, and McAfee offer many kinds of antivirus programs, some of which are downloadable from the companies' websites. You can use this software to scan attachments for viruses before you open them.

You can also run an antivirus program that utilizes "on-access" scanning. This type of scanning takes place constantly, automatically checking every file, program, or document every time it is opened or used.

•   How does antivirus software work?

Antivirus software keeps a database of "fingerprints" -- a set of characteristic bytes from known viruses -- on file. It searches files and programs on your computer for that pattern, and when it finds a fingerprint it recognizes as belonging to a virus, the antivirus software notifies the user that that virus is present. There are also heuristic programs that look for virus-like behavior in programs, allowing the software to detect completely new viruses.

Antivirus software needs to be updated regularly so that it can search a computer for new viruses. Be sure to check with the company that produces your antivirus software package for periodic updates.

•   What do I do if I suspect my computer has become infected?

There could be many reasons for your computer to act strangely. If you think your computer may have a virus, the first thing you should do is find out for sure by running a virus scan of your machine. If you have antivirus software, have it search your computer for the latest viruses. If you do not have such software, many antivirus companies, including Symantec and McAfee, offer free virus scans on their websites.

Once you know for sure which virus you're dealing with, you can find a removal tool for that specific virus on some of these antivirus sites. Follow the instructions on the site carefully. Afterward, you may have to repair whatever the virus did.

It may also be a good idea to disconnect your computer from the Web or from your network once you realize it has been infected in order to keep the virus from sending itself to other machines via your email.

•   What are some of the most dangerous viruses?

It is estimated that there are more than 58,000 viruses currently in existence. Some are more dangerous or more widespread than others. Here is a short list of the most dangerous ones to look out for:

LoveLetter or ILOVEYOU
CIH or Chernobyl
Code Red

These are just some of the viruses that currently exist. But plenty more are out there, and new ones are discovered each day. So, make sure to check antivirus resources for updates about the latest new viruses on the loose.
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