Undoubtedly, one of the things we associate with a nice seaside vacation is the collection of shells from the beach. Small, big, healthy and broken … every bud is beautiful in its own way and gives us pleasant memories of sea, summer vacation, school-free and of course many games all day long. Did you know that the moths can also be lucky. There is an old Proto-Bulgarian belief that anything that is related to a good memory for you brings you luck. The monsters definitely bring only good memories, so we offer you a stylish and interesting way to wear your lucky mule all winter and autumn to bring you good memories and luck.

It is very beautiful 

So you can make it for your loved ones and become a joyous and distinguished family.

First you have to make the well-known salty dough, which will be the base of the necklace. In a deep bowl, put salt and flour and slowly and slowly start pouring water while at the same time kneading. Make some water, mess, pour a little water, you mess. This is done until the water has finished and a hard dough is obtained. Then add a few drops of food color and again knead. Here you can use gloves if you are worried, but know that after you wash your hands immediately there will be no paint anywhere except on the dough. Once the dough has been mixed well and it has acquired the desired color, divide it into balls with the size of the walnuts. Of this amount of dough, some 4 necklaces should be produced somewhere.


Gold and precious stones look too pompous. Today in fashion, large, bright, brilliant jewelry made of plastic or polymer clay. What is polymer clay is also “plastic”?

It is a substance that looks like ordinary clay and is sold in the whole range of paints. It’s plastic, it’s easy to do something of it, even some complicated figure of a doll.

But after baking the finished product in a conventional oven (where it should be stored for about twenty minutes) – the product becomes solid, like ordinary plastic, it is not polluted and does not change its shape.

Polymer clay often make jewelry, this one of the most comfortable and leaving room for fantastic materials.


For weaving a necklace of pearls required scaffolding, zip lock, beads of different colors, shaped and round beads. First you need to learn how to weave simple items. To do this, on a long section of the fishing rod, trim the four beads one by one, advance them to the middle, tie the edges to get a square. This element will be called the cube, then the end of the fiber with the needle in the neck, the adjacent node, is stretched, one after the other three grains.

The next step is to repeat the first two completed items. Two more beads are added to the input string elements and repeat steps already taken. Pull the fishing rod, collect the cube, go through the needle with the rod of the last three pearls.

To make a necklace, insert the needle in the top row of balls, this will be considered a basic one, and repeat the procedure 5 times. The rib bar filled large beads make a tread 3 with a needle and lines along all edges to tie knots in the corners. This will reliably determine the assembled bar-necklace.

Once you’ve collected the required number of bars, collect all the necklaces. To do this, rotate the assembled elements, connect the edges, and fasten the fasteners.