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Applied Geology and Environmental Science (AGES), Inc.

Incorporated in 1997, Applied Geology and Environmental Science (AGES), Inc. is an environmental consulting company based in western Pennsylvania. AGES currently provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to environmental issues to clients throughout the United States, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, New York, Maryland, Michigan, Indiana and Iowa.

With two (2) offices in western Pennsylvania, an office in Charleston, West Virginia, an office in Columbus, Ohio and recent project operations in nine (9) states, AGES has the experience base to handle complex large-scale projects, while maintaining a customer-driven focus and a lean, cost-effective corporate structure. In addition, AGES has a strategic partnership with AGES Energy Field Services.


Please contact us (412-264-6453 or email) if AGES can be of any assistance. Thank you for visiting our web site!


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(910) 624-9353

  Over the past fifteen (15) years, AGES staff members have completed over 100 projects involving the assessment and clean-up of PCB-affected soil, concrete, paint, sediment, groundwater and non-porous surfaces. Our staff is familiar with the unique sampling requirements of the PCB Mega-Rule a...


Mercury Assessment and Remedial Services

(562) 619-3492

  AGES staff have performed over three hundred (300) projects involving the assessment and remediation of Mercury-affected soil and sediment, ranging from small projects to those including excavation of thousands of tons of impacted soil. Our staff is familiar with the unique sampling requi...


Remedial Alternative Selection/Design & …

Remedial Alternative Selection/Design & Remedial Construction Services

  AGES' staff members have developed and implemented remedial plans for many different types of industrial facilities under many different regulatory programs, including Pennsylvania Act 2, RCRA Corrective Action, CERCLA, Ohio EPA lead decrees and many state voluntary action programs. Our staf...

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Environmental Compliance and Permitting Service

  Environmental compliance audits provide the foundation for effective management of environmental liability issues. A detailed compliance audit will allow a manager to identify and manage environmental issues beforethey become critical liabilities. Not only does this decrease exposure to liab...

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Storage Tank Investigation, Closure, and…

Storage Tank Investigation, Closure, and Installation Service

  Above and underground storage tanks (ASTs and USTs) can pose serious environmental problems that can require substantial clean-up costs. Problems with storage tanks can also be significant obstacles to the sale and/or re-use of industrial properties. AGES staff members are experienced in the...

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Over the past ten (10) years, AGES’ has deployed many Environmental Information and Knowledge Management Systems for our clients. Our approach is to develop customized or turn-key solutions that deliver value and exceed customer expectations! This is achieved by having a clear understanding o...

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Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring…

Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Service

  AGES has over 100 years of combined environmental experience, which includes soil, sediment, and water sampling programs with a focus on groundwater and surface water monitoring projects. Over the past several years, AGES staff members have conducted routine monitoring and sampling programs ...

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Phase I and II Environmental Site Assess…


  Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are typically performed prior to the acquisition of commercial or industrial properties to determine potential environmental concerns associated with the property at the time of purchase. Phase I ESAs can be conducted by the seller, buyer or requ...

(704) 387-6575

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

  In the context of contaminated sites, Risk Management is defined as the process of gathering data to make informed decisions that will minimize the risk and/or adverse effects to humans and the environment. RISK ASSESSMENT: (both human health and ecological risk assessments) fall within t...



Landfill Services: Permitting & Compliance

  Since 1997, AGES has provided high-quality environmental expertise, specializing in landfill services, for many national and regional utility clients. Over the years, AGES has development and maintained long-term client relationships that are approaching 20 years with some clients. Through...

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(870) 884-8488

teaser curtain

  AGES staff members have performed hundreds of environmental site investigations at facilities such as automotive manufacturers, chemical plants, nuclear waste sites, natural gas compressor stations, steel manufacturers, various types of landfills, gas stations, mercury metering stations, ele...

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Environmental Compliance / Inspection - …


AGES provides a full range of construction and post-construction inspection services for corridor projects (natural gas, oil and product pipelines, electrical transmission lines and water/sewage projects). This includes full-time environmental inspection and documentation, third-party monitoring, au...




The objective of AGES’ demolition and construction services is to use the experience and understanding of demolition and construction of industrial and commercial structures to ensure that all construction and demolition projects are managed safely and completed within the project schedule. Demoliti...

(954) 526-5025


  AGES has special expertise in vapor intrusion evaluations, investigations and remediation projects.  Given the changing regulatory focus on vapor intrusion issues by U.S.EPA and various state programs, AGES has developed a vapor intrusion practice that incorporates regulatory updates to...

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Waste Management Services

Waste Management Services

During the course of the assessment and clean-up of PCB contaminated material, proper waste management is required under 40 CFR 761.  AGES staff members have routinely encountered a variety of different waste streams, comprising of waste regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), ...

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AGES has experience developing three-dimensional conceptual models, lithological models, as well as site-specific, calibrated groundwater flow models for both private and public clients. We have used a wide variety of mathematical and modeling tools at our disposal including: Leapfrog Hydro, GMS, ...

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EarthSoft EQuIS Data Management Systems

(763) 566-8044

  With over 14 years of experience, Ian Farrar is the lead specialist in EQuIS™ Data Management Systems for the AGES Information & Knowledge Management Group. While working at Columbia Gas Transmission, he supported the development of the first ever EQuIS™ Enterprise Systems and EQuIS™ Fie...

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  Client: Large Utility Company Background: In 2007, PCBs were detected in bottom-sediment samples collected during routine maintenance of three (3) new above ground storage tanks. Based on these results, the utility company conducted PCB sampling at 72 sites in 2008 where PCB issues had b...

(910) 773-8247



  Client: Columbia Gas Transmission Background: At this facility, a Former Waste Disposal and Burn Area consisted of an unlined, approximate 300 square foot area that was used for uncontrolled disposal and burning of trash, solid waste, industrial waste and pipeline fluids for approximately ...




Client: Columbia Gas Transmission Background: During routine maintenance work at a natural gas compressor station, facility staff discovered two (2) large concrete tanks beneath a parking lot. The tanks were not identified on any facility drawings and were not known to be present at the site. Oi...

(706) 595-9490

(226) 973-4151

Demolition of a Former Warehouse Building with PCB Concrete and Paint

  AGES was contracted to perform remediation design and construction oversight of a PCB impacted building demolition project at an industrial facility in Ohio. The painted superstructure, equipment and concrete floors were sampled by AGES to determine the extent and concentration of PCB impa...

(603) 252-7701

Wetlands Assessment for Highway Realignm…


  Project Work: AGES Inc. completed an environmental assessment as part of a highway construction project in Venango County, Pennsylvania, to determine if The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) jurisdictional wetlands were present at a five (5) acre forested site proposed as a ...

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Scrubgrass Creek Comprehensive Watershed…

(313) 491-3129

  A detailed assessment of the 25,000 acre Scrubgrass Creek watershed relating to environmental, recreational, cultural, and economic activities and issues was completed in 2003. Historical data were collected from available sources and new data were developed from extensive interpretation and...

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Superfund Site - Coraopolis, Pennsylvani…

Superfund Site - Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

  Client: Confidential Clients (Fortune 500 Companies) Background: The five (5) plus acre property was formerly the location of a fuel oil recycling and solvent recovery facility between the late 1970s and early 1990s. During this time period, used oils were re-refined into fuel oil for sale...



Mercury Assessment of a Commercial Retail Location - Kentucky

  Client: Confidential Law Firm Background: Based on a review of available records, Mercury had been released to the earthen floor in the basement of a building that housed an active commercial retail location formerly used for staging of gas regulators and meters that contained elemental Me...


Review of Data to Support Compliance Wit…

Review of Data to Support Compliance With Sarbanes-Oxley - 250 Sites in Seven (7) States

  Client: Confidential Background: Between 1995 and 2005, a large gas utility characterized and remediated (as required) environmental issues at approximately 250 facilities in several states under an AOC with USEPA Region III. Remedial work was performed to meet both residential and industr...


Type III Fly Ash Landfill - Indiana


  Client: Confidential Utility Client Background: In March 1994, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) approved a pH Variance for a Type III Fly Ash Landfill at a client’s station in the state of Indiana. As part of the permit, a groundwater monitoring program, which incl...

(708) 584-8277

Twelve (12) Phase I & II ESAs of Wire Ma…


  Client: An aluminum manufacturing company Background: To support acquisition of a total of twelve (12) different wire manufacturing sites in three (3) states, ASTM-standard Phase I and II ESAs were required to identify any environmental concerns. To meet project deadlines, all work was to ...

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Demolition of a Former Industrial Buildi…

Demolition of a Former Industrial Building with PCB Concrete and Paint

AGES was contracted to perform remediation design and construction oversight of a PCB impacted building demolition project at an industrial facility in Ohio. The painted superstructure, equipment and concrete floors were sampled by AGES to determine the extent and concentration of PCB impacts. Pri...

stone pine

In-Situ Stabilization/Solidification Tre…

In-Situ Stabilization/Solidification Treatment Technology Washington County, Pennsylvania

  Client: Confidential   Background: The subject property was the former location of an equipment storage yard owned by a utility company.  Historic operations at the property, including the operation of a manufactured gasoline plant used to distill gasoline from liquids produce...

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