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Icarus Professional

Secure Medical Messaging and Collaboration.

Icarus Professional allows you and your healthcare co-workers to communicate and collaborate whenever it is convenient. That’s it! There is no rocket-science (nor neurosurgery and neither Norwegian Blue parrots) involved. As healthcare professionals ourselves we built Icarus to fit into your workflow.

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Icarus will not bother you with bell’s and whistles you do not need, but allows expansion for services you deem essential for your daily work.

Just pick it up, register with your IT-department and work and keep some time for play. You can communicate securely with peers, as we have applied unique encryption and adhere to security standards.

We are currently collaborating with medical professionals, hospitals and laboratories in developing additional modules to making life in clinical medicine more convenient. To make your life even easier we also built a very cool desktop client to complement your smartphone and tablet. Stay tuned for developments concerning new modules.

Messaging and Collaboration

Texting, chatting, group-chatting as you know it. There is no learning curve, just slip it on like new shoes. Tap, cut, copy, paste, dictate your message. Add that radiology image and send it to your trauma-teammates for a quick consultation. Want an opinion from dermatology? Fixed in a breeze with a quick snap. How about that ecg you are not completely sure about? Just message it to the cardiology consultant. There is nothing holding you back to arranging your team around a patient and start collaborating effectively. Enjoy, it is that simple.

Medicine check

mHealth meets social media meets medicine. To verify and register the administering of medication to patients we developed a simple proces of photographing the medication and the patient’s medication list for a quick, easy, simple and secure solution that fits into clinical workflow. The system also returns management data to facilitate optimisation of resources. In our pilot there was rapid acceptation and adoption bij health workers and patients.


Beside the chat function across both desktop and mobile devices, Icarus offers the possibility to securely send PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MP4, Video and Dicom medical files.

Icarus Client

mHealth at its most convenient.

Your patient deserves the best care. As healthcare professionals we felt an obsessive compulsive need to enable patients to have easy access to simple and easy to understand e-services.

That is why we developed Icarus Client. Asking a simple question should not be such a hassle. It should be just a matter of messaging. Getting prescription refills should be as easy as just a few screen taps away. Getting an appointment should be a matter of just 30 seconds or less, anytime. So now you have more time to focus on the issues that deserve your full attention.

Both you, your patients and your staff will benefit from Icarus Client. Staff will love our desktop client. Ease of use, piece of mind and a clear focus on priorities and subject matters.


No need to call, wait in line and waste time.

We think making an appointment should be a matter of seconds, not minutes of waiting on a phone. We think patients should be able to do this 24/7, for all members of their household and straight from their smartphone or tablet. Icarus Client allows patients to schedule an appointment into their doctor’s agenda in realtime. Patients can also describe their complaints briefly.


State of the Art Encryption

Our unique approach to encryption algorythm goes beyond industry standards. We consider privacy and confidentiality as one of the most important aspects of medicine. That is why we built Icarus around encryption, controlled access and authorisation.

Pincode and password protected

To enable quick access for yourself to your chats, data and other stuff we devised a pincode system. You can alternatively enter a strong password. These features ensure confidentiality when not signing off.

Two factor authentication

We have implemented a device specific two factor authentication on signup. Your organisation can choose between sms and email two factor authentication. Anytime you sign in a two factor authentication will be required.

Finger print identification

You can enter a password or pincode to enter Icarus, but using your finger print is both usefull and well…cool.

About us

Behind every great idea is a great story.

Icarus was made to facilitate communication and collaboration between professionals and patients. We set out to optimise one of the greatest phenomena in modern society: healthcare. Such a task is humongous and perhaps impossible and perhaps we suffer from hubris. But if one carefully disects modern medicine it is not that difficult to understand that medicine is getting better and better every day, perhaps every second. One aspect is not improving in our humble opinion and that is accessibility, even for those who have coverage, and communication. So we set out to improve this with the usage of an ancient thinking: stripping down a problem to its essence an building your solution to this problem from scratch.

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