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We are the exclusive distributors of FINN™ Hydroseeders, Bark Blowers, Straw Blowers, and Consumables for Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.

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bb302 bark blower

Bark Blower™ Model 302

Takes the work out of distribution and transport of bulk materials!

The Bark Blower 302 is a pneumatic spreader which conveys wood mulches, compost and other bulk materials directly to your worksite. The lightweight hose leaves existing landscapes undamaged by wheel ruts, unnecessary foot traffic, and material spills common with traditional manual methods. The Finn 302 works in locations and jobsite conditions where a manual crew cannot. Your jobs stay on schedule regardless of the weather! A wide variety of materials (bark mulch, wood mulch, compost) can be easily loaded into the hopper directly from bucket loaders, or manually. The material is moved by a drag-chain conveyor into a specially designed rotary airlock and is blown through a four inch diameter hose to lengths of over 150'. Precise control allows for even application and accurate bed depths on any size landscape project.

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705 finn barkblower

Bark Blower™ Model 705

The BB705 Bark Blower provides options to enhance efficiency and utility. The optional seed injection allows for calibration of seed into compost or topsoil mixes for one-step seeding operations. This presents great opportunities for contractors wanting to enter markets in addition to mulch blowing, such as erosion control and seeding. The new BB705 increases utilization and profit. Optional front conveyor provides hydraulic feed during operation from a towing vehicle. This allows for continuous use of the unit.

Enhanced Features, Significant Benefits,Greater Power, Less Fuel:
Tier II Kubota V3300 71 hp engine increasing fuel efficiency and increasing hp to the blower Versatile Material Handling: 4.5 cubic yard hopper, upgraded floor drive shaft, and increased running gear capacity allow for blowing a greater variety of bulk materials that are heavier such as soil, compost and high moisture mulch Increased Reliability, Reduced Service Costs: Advanced couplings replicating the truck mounted system, more robust hose reel, and new wiring harness relocated from high heated areas.



Bark Blower™ Model 1208 and 1216

Models BB1208 and BB1216 were added to the Bark Blower family in 2003. These units were designed specifically to do a couple of things: convey the heaviest of materials (loam, stone etc.) and to convey large volumes of lighter materials (bark mulch, compost, playground chips) to large areas very quickly. These model bark blowers can accomplish the same tasks every other model Bark Blower can with a lot less strain to the machine because of it’s compressor/engine power plant. Fueled by a growing awareness to the siltation of our waterways and general erosion control, the BB1208/1216 was born.


Bark Blower™ Model 1222

The FINN BB1222 applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency, and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application. The BB1222, with 21.8 cubic yard capacity, provides high efficiency mulch application capabilities for landscape maintenance companies and mulch suppliers.

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