• Let’s build the connected world of the future together The Works with SmartThings program invites our amazing developers and partners to join the journey to create a fast-growing IoT ecosystem. The SmartThings cloud has been designed from the ground up to support a wide range of devices and appliances in the market. Share your limitless ideas and work with us to find the business opportunity in the leading open platform for IoT. Work with us to build the connected world
  • Connected
    Build IoT products. Tools and mentors will support you to build, test, and publish your devices to the SmartThings cloud.
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  • Intelligent
    Create SmartApps. Develop a rich, connected experience to automate a wide variety of IoT devices, limited only by your imagination.
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  • Secure
    Secure your connected devices using various hardware platforms including ARTIK secure system-on-modules.
  • Open
    If you have a new idea to delight customers with connected devices that is yet to be supported by our online materials and tools.
    please contact here.

Featured SmartApps & Works with SmartThings Devices

* See /developers.smartthings.com for more information for now. Migrating the content is in the works.

  • Control Philips hue Bulbs w/SmartThings
    Facebook messenger bot as SmartThings Interface
    You can use Facebook messenger bot to control your home with SmartThings.
  • The Ultimate IFTTT Guide
    Turn your home into smart home
    SmartThings can teach your home new tricks, making your life easier.

Works with SmartThings

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