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Global Status of Commercialized GM/Biotech Crops: 2017

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Crop Biotech Update

What is the latest on crop biotechnology? Find out the latest world developments in crop biotechnology that are of relevance to developing countries. The Crop Biotech Update features concise news every week.

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ISAAA presents an easy to use database of Biotech/GM crop approvals for various biotechnology stakeholders. It features the Biotech/GM crop events and traits that have been approved for commercialization and planting and/or for import for food and feed use with a short description of the crop and the trait.

Latest update (November 6, 2018): Singapore approved soybean event SYHTØH2 (HT) and maize events MZHG0JG (HT) and 520-345-2136 (MPQ) for food use.


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ISAAA releases its latest addition to the Biotech Communication Series, Inside the Biotech Lab: How to Genetically Engineer a Plant which is a visual documentation of how scientists conduct genetic transformation in the laboratory

Beyond Promises: Facts about Biotech/GM Crops in 2017

ISAAA releases Beyond Promises: Facts about Biotech/GM Crops in 2017,  a visual presentation of the 10 important highlights about biotech crops from 1996 to 2017, taken from ISAAA Brief 53: Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2017.

ISAAA Philippines Accomplishment Report for 2017

This report highlights the knowledge sharing initiatives and support to technology transfer initiated by ISAAA and the SEARCA Biotechnology Information Center for Philippine stakeholders.

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The booklet discusses in detail and in simple language agricultural biotechnology as it compares with conventional breeding, the agricultural biotechnology tools used in crops such as tissue culture and micropropagation, molecular breeding and marker-assisted selection, and genetic engineering and GM crops. A section on Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for food safety and environmental issues was also included to clarify important public concerns.

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Pocket Ks are Pockets of Knowledge, packaged information on crop biotechnology products and related issues available at your fingertips.

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