Adepto Creates Agility

Adepto is pioneering the way companies view and manage their entire workforce. We’ve created the first total talent ecosystem bringing your internal and external workers together in one place. We’re not a point solution, we’re your complete solution. Started in 2013 in Brisbane, Australia, and now with global operations, we’re a tribe of hard-working, dedicated and diverse minds; passionate about creating solutions for organisations that put people at the centre.

The Challenge

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The Evolution of Work
With the shift from “full-time” to “gigs”, workers want more flexibility to work across multiple roles, businesses and even industries. This shift from old-school jobs and hierarchy to on-demand “tribes” requires that businesses build ecosystems of workers for projects quickly
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End-to-end view of your workforce
As we shift towards more agile work, innovative organisations need access and visibility to all of their people in one system, regardless of how they choose to work. In order to remain competitive, companies need to search and build agile teams based on skills not roles. Recruiters and hiring managers need to quickly find the right skills for a project or a job in less time.
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Technology Fragmentation
Current niche platforms only partially solve the problem. Marketplaces charge for introductions; freelance management systems aren’t bespoke for large organisations and focus only on certain segments. Many products focus on the task vs the person, missing the chance to ensure you have all the right information in one place to make an informed choice on “fit” when cost-effectively building a team.

Our Solution

Adepto technology enables your organisation to build private networks of individuals, regardless of how they work – full-time employees, gig workers, vendors and everything in-between. Each worker has access to a system that allows a hiring manager, recruiter, or procurer to, with just a few clicks, find the people with the best skills for any project, across the entire company, regardless of where they are today or how they’ll be hired, saving time as well as significant cost savings created by direct lines to the workers. And once people for the project are found and that work is complete, the information you’ve gathered is there for the next project, and the next…

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Direct Sourcing & Hiring
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Internal Mobility
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Total Talent
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Talent Pooling

Our Customers

Our global customers are using the Adepto platform to facilitate better connection to their workforce, drive flexibility, create organisational agility, shift their business models and increase visibility for hiring managers to more quickly build the teams they need at a lower total cost of acquisition. And we’re building our technology and services partner ecosystem to provide richer options for our clients.