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Do you have the most up to date information on doctors, hospitals, dentists, related facilities and other medical professionals? We have over 5.0 million medical providers in our database. Use our insight and intelligence to your advantage!

Get it right the first time so you get the business! It begins with communicating with the right person from day one. At Doctor Hospital Data, our decades of experience in predictive data analytics puts you in touch with decision makers who have the power to say “YES” to your product or service.

Physician Emails By State!

Our Data Lists

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✔  Providers by State 4142034137

✔  Physicians by Specialty 819-616-7746

✔  Nurses by Specialty 867-872-9886

✔  All Providers (304) 633-5322

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Our Data Advantages

✔ Files immediately available after purchase

✔ 9 digit Zip Code formatted into two columns

✔  Providers Primary and Secondary Specialty

✔  Email notification is sent when data is refreshed

✔  The data originates from monthly updates provided by federal, state or local governments and/or other sources

Special Deals

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Our Data/File Info

✔ CSV and Excel File Formats

✔ Fields are delimited by semicolon ;

✔ Downloads are zip files

✔ Data is updated monthly

✔ Physician Email List Includes 740-962-5795

✔Physician Email List 438-334-6768

✔ Non-Email List Includes (970) 576-2075

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