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Vulnerability Insight is opening up a new category of security solutions: Dynamic Risk Management, Prioritization & Mitigation Enforcement through Artificial Intelligence.

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Zero Days vulnerabilities & exploits undisclosed in 2016.
Of the published websites had multiple vulnerabilities in 2016.
New vulnerabilities discovered and disclosed to the public in 2016.
Total identities & sensitive information exposed in 2016.
New mobile vulnerabilities discovered in 2016.

Why Us

Vulnerability Insight incorporates the “human factor” taking input from IT and Security departments to create tailored alerts to each business. Our Artificial Intelligence core performs real time risk analysis on vulnerabilities and considers the evolving threat landscape individually for each business therefore predicting where would attacks come from in a very granular way. IT and Security teams are key to Vulnerability Insight because they have the knowledge about the uniqueness of their business that tunes in our proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology to work specifically for their needs.

Our Advantage

Cyber criminals have far more resources than any enterprise and move much faster than any IT department, what businesses really need is Vulnerability Insight to develop a customized, deep understanding of their particular IT environment, uncover the critical vulnerabilities that have the potential to damage the business using our proprietary artificial intelligence technology, allowing them to be always one step ahead of the cyber attackers. Instead of proposing to replace any of the existing security components of our clients, Vulnerability Insight is positioned in a completely different field.

Our Solution

Vulnerability Insight is Artificial Intelligence applied to preventing Cybersecurity risks. With an easy to use interface that requires no learning curve, and our proprietary collaboration and artificial intelligence technologies, we enable our customers to prevent the risks before they materialize. Vulnerability Insight provides accurate and timely information to fix the most critical vulnerabilities in our customers' environment before they can be exploited. Vulnerability Insight works 24x7 to prevent attacks and allows IT and Security team to focus on making the business processes, creating a true partnership between human and technological resources.


Meet Neuralys.

Free Risk Management & Mitigation Enforcement Platform

Mitigate critical business risks and close the gap between detection and execution. Guarantee an effective reduction in risk exposure.

Import vulnerabilities from any security tool or manual pentests, and prioritize them based on the specific impact for the business.


Artificial Intelligence applied to CyberSecurity

All our prediction models working for you!


Artificial Intelligence Driven Cyber Security. Why?

Vulnerability Insight's foundation is its Artificial Intelligence core that enables the self-learning and risk prediction capabilities that completely separate it from all other security vendors in the market.

The Deep Learning algorithms that make up Vulnerability Insight's Artificial Intelligence core take input from each individual client to properly contextualize the threats and vulnerabilities. Instead of getting standard vulnerability reports that add no value, Vulnerability Insight is able to predict what are the risks that are most likely to be exploited, and what would be the impact to the business if they were, effectively prioritizing the mitigation work for our customer's teams.

Vulnerability Insight utilizes supervised learning techniques that feed back into our structured prediction models so that the platform is constantly learning through the observed security data therefore making risk measurements and predictions more accurate the longer it's running.