Division & Requirements

Competition Group

Open        Men/Women (Age 10-85)

Veteran   Men/Women (Age 50-85)

Student   Men/Women (Age 10-25)
(Full-time student)

Enrollment Fee : $210

Leisure Group

Available for swimmer age between 6-85                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Enrollment Fee : $180 

Special Reminder

1. Aged under 18 must submit the parental / guardian declaration form <click here to download> while collecting the swimming cap(s).

2. Aged 65 or above must submit a certificate issued by a medical doctor to prove that the participant is "fit for winter swimming in open water"

3. The Organizer accepts participants at age 85 or above provided that they can prove they had five consecutive years of participation in the Championships immediate before last year.

Enrollment Calender

Please read our prospectus for more details before registration