A Main Sheet

At the end of 2015, Los Angeles County leaders gave all its residents, commuters, and visitors a policy change to find a path to care and treatment for those with significant mental, emotional, and behavioral limitations when encountered by first responders, to replace enforcing criminalization.

To extend the fruits of this gift to all County leaders across the United States, now we are launching the ATMINDPARK.org website, where,

“We seek without blaming, to improve for all.”

We find Doctors directing response policies are very few.

We will observe L A County as a case study in its progress towards this goal as a service to all the rest of America. We will publish as follows:

A- Policy leaders are invited to post statements and observations.

B- Clinicians’ observations from those with in the field experience with policies, curated by one of the last ER Psychiatrists in the U.S.

We seek input from:

Federal Government facilities located in the County;

State of California’s local hospital care operations;

Los Angeles County Agencies;

City of Los Angeles’ agencies, largest city in L A County;

– the City of Pasadena agencies;

– from L A County and other impacted hospitals in the county;

– Concerned Foundations;

C- Your relevant posts, observations, anecdotes, and artistic expressions, curated by a teacher/and physician experienced in PTSD counseling, to inform the public, and prompt readers to ask, “What happens?”

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