What’s the deal with earthing shoes?

Do you remember those nostalgic summer moments as a child where you were barefoot and didn’t have a care in the world? Our mission is to help promote these priceless blissful experiences spent outdoors, from the ground up.

We offer USA made earthing shoes that allow your feet to function closest to how they were naturally designed – & that’s barefoot. We’re passionate about promoting a more grounded way of living that is possible when connected to the Earth’s electric potential of zero volts. Our minimalist sandals offer an experience similar to going barefoot where you will forget you even have shoes on, but don’t feel limited to where you can go.

Our grounding shoes allow you to truly connect with the Earth and restore the experience of living closer to being barefoot. Our design was inspired by Native American huarache running sandals, to read more about us and our sandals please visit the About page.

shoes with earthing feature

To choose the best sandal for you, consider the ground feel & traction you desire.
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People with more barefoot experience enjoy the intimate experience offered by our Circadian while those new to barefoot find our Alpha X offers the most protection.

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