Too many rough sleepers

Every year, eight thousand people sleep outside on the streets of London.

While hostel beds lie empty.


We book rough sleepers into hostels

BedSafe does one thing: we crowdfund travel hostel beds for people who would otherwise be sleeping on the street.

We pay the hostel directly. BedSafe doesn't give any money to the rough sleeper.

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How it works

Rough sleepers are referred to BedSafe by Charity Partners.

The Charity Partners work with the rough sleepers to help them find a longer term solution to their situation.

In the meantime, we make sure they don't sleep outside.

We don't ever hand money to a rough sleeper.

Instead, donors pay the money to us through PayPal, and we pay the hostel directly.

Our impact

0 total nights off the streets.
0 homeless people helped.


BedSafe is a startup that is working towards becoming a registered charity.

We have placed 28 rough sleepers into travel hostels who would otherwise have slept outside.

We are seeking:

Donors to fund beds. 7177568991

Charity Partners to refer rough sleepers to us.

Suppliers of hostel booking APIs.

Trustees. Join us

Interested? (608) 270-8670

How Charity Partners help

Charity partners help the rough sleepers by:

  • Giving them food and clothes.
  • Helping them access longer term housing.
  • Monitoring their wellbeing.
  • Developing their employability.
  • Helping them access legal aid, healthcare, and benefits.
  • Meeting them regularly.

Join us!

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